Breakfast eaten at a desk. — v., adj.
Example Citation:
Monday morning - 08.30. I am multi-tasking (read: trying to do too many things at once). With varying degrees of success I am scanning the trade press while consuming a healthy 'deskfast' of bacon sarnie and banana smoothie.
— San Kirkegaard, "A day in the life of a format developer," Broadcast news by, October 5, 2001
Earliest Citation:
Though most people still eat breakfast at home, increasing numbers of Americans are leaving home in the morning and waiting until they reach their destination before eating breakfast — a trend recently dubbed, "desk-breakfast" or "deskfast."
— "Time, Career, Nutrition, Make 'Eating Deskfast' a Popular Option," PR Newswire, October 10, 1996
Some hungry folks can't wait to get to work to eat their breakfast, so they consume it en route, making it a carfast:
For many people in postmodern America, breakfast isn't breakfast anymore. It's now "carfast" or "deskfast."
— Mark Azarra, "Fast food breakfasts taking a toll on Americans' health," The Associated Press, March 14, 2002
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